International dishes

43. Naturschnitzel€11,50
with sauce, chips and salad
44. Paprikaschnitzel€11,55
with rice and salad
45. Mushroomschnitzel€12,85
with boiled potatoes and salad
46. Putenschnitzel€12,95
with beans, croquette and salad
47. Jägerschnitzel (hunter style)€13,35
wth rice and salad
48. Holsteiner Schnitzel€12,50
grilled, with egg, chips, vegetables and salad
49. Prague Style€14,30
with ham omelette, with boiled potatoes, vegetables and salad
50. Schnitzel „Wiener Art“€12,20
with chips and salad
51. Cordon Bleu€14,80
in breadcrumbs, filled with ham and cheese, chips and salad
52. Pork roast€11,90
with boiled potatoes, red cabbage and salad
53. „Samobor“ cutlet€13,20
two pork cutlets in garlic sauce, with boiled potatoes and salad
54. Cobanski (shepherd's skewer)€14.40
pork filet with bacon, pepper, onion, omelette, with djuvec rice and salad
55. Caucasian skrewer€15,95
pork filet with mushrooms, tomatoes, onion, chips and salad
56. Medaillon alla Marjan€16,90
three pork filets, browned with ham and cheese, with croquette, string beans and salad
57. Medaillon alla Gorgonzola€16,30
three pork filets in gorgonzola sauce with croquette and salad
58. Medaillon Hawaii€15,90
three pork filets in curry sauce, with pineapple, rice and salad
59. Medaillon Matuschka€16,90
three pork filets with asparagus, mushrooms and tomato; Served with rice and salad